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The best ways to prepare vegetables

My wife loves to eat healthy. Last night, she lovingly told me “Wayne Imber, you’re gaining a bit. You should go on a diet!”

So, what I did was open my digital cookbook and check out a few recipes I could go for this next few weeks. I also saw a curious note from when I was doing research on cooking. It said that while vegetables are incredibly healthy, restaurants often prepare them in a way that robs them of their vitamins and minerals.

Steaming has always been the best way to prepare vegetables, next to, of course, eating them raw. Steaming broccoli and asparagus ensures that the nutrients, enzymes, and other healthy minerals are still present. The rule of thumb though is the shorter the time it takes to cook veggies, the more nutrients will be present.

Also in my notes was microwaving vegetables. Using the microwave reduces cooking time as well as exposure of veggies to heat and water, both of which take away precious minerals. Carrots, zucchini, and peppers are the best examples of microwavable veggies.

Finally, there’s the sauté option. According to Wayne Imber cookbook though, there are two very important things to remember: regulate the cooking temp and use extra virgin oil.

I’m Dr. Wayne Imber, a retired professor specializing in social and developmental psychology. For the past 30 years, I’ve taught in Chicago and throughout Arizona and Massachusetts. I cook during my free time. For similar reads, visit this page.


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