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Enhance your coffee-making abilities

Ever since I retired, I noticed how I’ve upped my coffee intake – which is all good I guess, since it’s been found that coffee is good for the brain.

My name is Wayne Imber, and I’m here to share with you some tips on how to improve your coffee-making abilities.

Get a decent coffee maker: Before moving forward, you need a coffee maker. It needn’t be the best one around. As long as it’s dependable, it’ll do.

Purchase fresh whole beans: As a rule, the wife and I never purchase pre-ground coffee. Fresh whole beans are the way to go. Use the beans a month after their roast date for optimum flavor. Fresh whole beans can be found in coffee shops.

Use proper storage for the beans: How the beans are stored affects their flavor. Vacuum-sealed bags or a mason jar are the best choices.

Grind and brew well: Half-an-hour after grinding, coffee will start to lose its flavor. This means you have to grind and brew almost immediately. Be mindful of how you grind. The best way I’ve found is a medium-fine grind. That way, it isn’t weak or bitter.

What about you? Do you have any tips on making coffee? Share them with me, Wayne Imber, in the comments section below.

I’m Dr. Wayne Imber, a retired professor of social and developmental psychology. I’ve taught at many undergraduate and masters programs throughout Arizona, Chicago, and Massachusetts. I love cooking during my free time. For more about me and the stuff I love, visit this blog.


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