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A Guide to Brain-Friendly Recipes

I’m Wayne Imber. While I’ve retired from teaching psychology, I’m still very much into anything that has to do with my life’s work. I also love cooking, which I do a lot during my free time.

Over the past month, the wife and I have found a few notable recipes that don’t only taste great, they also improve brain function in many ways. We all know that there are types of food that are good for the brain such as avocado, salmon, nuts, and dark chocolate. It’s all a matter of finding the right combination.

Here are some of the food that’s good for your brain.

Fish tacos and avocado

One of my first discoveries came about by preparing fish tacos and putting in avocado sauce. Avocados are filled with vitamins and minerals that keep both the heart and brain in top condition. The fish fillet should be used for the tacos. Sour cream, avocado, lime, and cilantro is what I use for the sauce.

Chicken and blueberries

Blueberries are great fruits that have been found to improve learning and delay short-term memory loss. They’re also amazing with grilled chicken breasts. Just mix the blueberries with shallots, vinegar, some bell pepper, basil, and other seasonings of your choice (but sparingly).

Grilled salmon

There are many ways to cook salmon. But the wife loves it grilled, so we often go with that. Salmon can reduce memory loss, and it has many other minerals that are good for one’s overall health.

Thanks for your time. This is Wayne Imber, signing out.

My name is Wayne Imber. I am a retired professor of social and developmental psychology. I lives with my wife in a quaint little brownstone in Cincinnati. I also love to cook. For more articles like this, go to this page.


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