Wayne Imber taught Social Psychology for the past 30 years. Human behavior fascinates him. There’s something about dissecting a personality to uncover what makes an individual, discover their motivations and values, and the reasons why they act the way do—towards themselves and others—that he finds truly awe-inspiring.

This website is not meant to be an instructional, educational, and strictly formal teacher-student/learning institution setup. This is more of a personal website created to serve as an avenue for Wayne Imber to talk about things that he is passionate about in such a way that the reader will feel as if he or she is listening in on a casual conversation between two friends. For the most part, the reader will get to read about Wayne’s experiences as a teacher. With 30 years of teaching experience, Wayne has more than a bagful of fascinating stories to tell.

There are three things that he is most passionate about: teaching, psychology, and cooking. The reader will find pages dedicated to each one of these. He also included a blog page to share his thoughts about everyday life; what makes him happy, daily occurrences that he found interesting or touched him in some way, and also to open up conversations with his readers.

The reader may wonder why cooking was included since it appears to be the odd one out among his passions. But you see, Wayne finds cooking relaxing; and he also considers it as an art form. In a way, you could say that psychology has found its way into his cooking. Modern psychology would call it “kitchen therapy”—a topic he will delve deeper into in future posts.

To reiterate, you will find the following pages here:

  • Home (which is this landing page)
  • About – to give readers a bit more personal information about him
  • Blog – where Wayne will share his thoughts and musings on everyday life
  • Social Psychology – an introduction to this branch of psychology
  • Teaching – his experiences as a teacher of Social Psychology for the past 30 years

There are a lot of things that Wayne wishes to share with his readers; and a lot of questions that he’d like to pose to start healthy discussions about life, psychology, and human interactions. You could say this site is his way of holding informal, casual lessons with a wider audience.

If there is anything that you’d like to ask him, or you have a specific topic or subject that you wish for him to talk about in a full-length post, he encourages you to get in touch with him at your convenience. For the time being, the reader may contact him directly through this site. Please feel free to leave him a message! You can rest assured that he will get back to you promptly.

Wayne Imber invites you to bookmark this page so you can easily access his latest posts, and stay up-to-date with the latest conversations and discussions going on here. Check back again soon to read his latest updates!